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Our Services:

Strategic Marketing Planning
Business Strategy
Idea Generation
Personal Branding
Relationship Marketing
Targeting Strategies

Niche Specialisms:

Idea Lab
Private Medical & Dental

Wynyard Marketing Company is a Strategic Marketing Consulting Agency based out of County Durham. WMC is directed by Adam Tanfield, a Strategic Marketing Consultant with a passion for the innovation and idea generation that can come from deeper levels of knowledge of the business and macro environment. WMC is a relatively new business, bringing new ideas and thought processes to business. 

Wynyard Marketing Company offers a wide range of services, starting with strategy, filtering down into operational level marketing. Everything we do is done for a reason, even if the results aren’t directly tangible, to feed into longer term goals for the business, especially surrounding brand awareness and relationships. Also within WMC is the Ideas Lab, an opportunity for SME’s to bounce ideas off of a consultant on an infrequent basis, providing a strategic partner for an overall fraction of the cost.

Strategic Marketing is a vital practice for any business looking to grow, being most efficient with their marketing efforts and communications in the long term. If companies aren’t able to see the bigger picture, they may end up missing a big opportunity, or heading down a path that they really don’t want to end up pursuing. At WMC we also want to be able to provide SMEs with the opportunity to think and plan strategically, utalising services like the Idea Lab, at the fraction of the cost of taking on a full time strategist.

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